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Drive Key Review

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DriveKey, the fourth generation chip with features like completely solderless and no clip has arrived in the modchip market. Just plug it in between the two flexcables and you are ready to start. Its well-assembled high quality components including the flexcable clamps and DIP switch module make it a solid solution for all your Wii requirements. The stickers given along with Drivekey are an added bonus.

Mod-Chip Installation

For installing this chip, you need to open up the Wii U (which will void it’s warranty) to access the DVD-ROM drive. Just open it up using a Triwing and a micro-mini Phillips head screwdriver.

Before plugging it in, configure the Wii U for the current region console using the DIP switch. Now after accessing the DVD-ROM drive just plug the chip between the two flexcables and put your Wii U back together. Switch it on and navigate to the ‘Disc Channel ‘ and press ‘Eject’ 3 times and a GameCube game insertion will show up in the menu. Now, enter the config menu by booting it and configure its advanced options like Update Blocker, Region Override, Autoboot and Full GC Region free.
Always insulate yur chip by putting some electrical tape on the metal shielding below the chip.


It worked completely fine for all the legal backups, games originals or imports but the ‘Trucha’ signed discs.


The Drivekey is the easiest modchip to install, provides a complete solderless solution, does not uses a clip to get affixed, can be updated using JTAG and provides the only solution for your D3 consoles. This ‘Drivekey’ modchip is surely going to dominate the market soon.


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